Spy vs. Spy

body_of_liesRidley Scott’s “Body of Lies” is an espionage thriller eerily similar to Tony Scott’s 2001 film “Spy Game” in plot and casting, replacing Redford for Russell Crow and Pitt for Leo DiCaprio. So much so, I am tempted to call it a “remake.” While I am no big fan of either film, the latter is certainly the more interesting of the two, if only because it harkens back to the thinking man spy flicks of yesteryear. Additionally, I feel Tony Scott to be the more innovative and consistent of the two siblings as a director, responsible for popularizing many of the cinematic motifs we take for granted in contemporary American action cinema. Many of which Ridley Scott would later borrow for his own work. Despite a decently written screenplay, “Lies” is a pretty but plastic pastiche of the spy genre. Even DiCaprio, who is capable of delivering a solid performance under most circumstances phones it in, perhaps feeling a little like a big-screen version of Jack Bauer. There is no doubt in my mind that Scott was trying to cash in on many of the conventions that have made “24” so popular. Another mediocre film from Ridley Scott who appears to be less and less choosey with each project.


One thought on “Spy vs. Spy

  1. Body of lies is not similar to Spy game.
    If you feel they are similar, you do not have ability to watch a movie.
    Or you are just a fool.
    Spy game is just a action movie but Body of lies is a political movie that criticizes war on terror by America.

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