Director John Cassavetes was well-known for his confrontational style. Interviews with him were often meandering and unconventional. He interviewed himself, you could say. In the clips below, Cassavetes is joined by Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara on the Dick Cavet Show for a full 45 minutes of what can only be described as an “anti-interview” while promoting their film “Husbands.”It’s as much of an anti-promotion as it is an anti-interview.

Cassavetes had been having a difficult time with the studio heads and was particularly stubborn about doing press for the project. Or so the story goes. Falk and Gazzara, his co-conspirators – on and off screen – seem more than happy to render aid to their friend, co-star and director.

What is really remarkable about the interview below is how Dick Cavet holds his own, outnumbered by no less than three uncooperative subjects and eventually brings them around to actually talking about what they were supposed to be talking about.

It really was the Dick Cavet show.






2 thoughts on “Anti-Interview

  1. did you see the katherine hepburn interview? she’s weird and mean to him, and she totally cuts him down to size. it is amazing. can’t wait to listen to this one too.

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