Goodbye / Hello

After making Montreal my home for the last 7 years, I’m packing up my stuff and moving to Toronto. It is a sad affair to leave such a vibrant city with its unique diversity and energy. I will miss the small, tight-knit community of artists that make Montreal such an appealing place to live and work. It has inspired me both personally and professionally, it is the place where I completed my university degree and begun my adult life and as such will remain an important place for me.

I am by nature nomadic and seek out new places, people and experiences. I have lived on the South and North American continents and all across Canada; Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and now Toronto. My new adopted city is large and intimidating but harbors opportunities and challenges other cities do not.  Its proximity to Montreal and other major cities, such as New York, make it an ideal location, allowing me to stay in touch with friends and colleagues on both sides of the border. New and evolving technologies that facilitates collaboration across vast distances means I can continue working with a network of talented and experienced people. A luxury and privilege I may not have had a few years ago.

I have discovered over the last few years that I react well to new circumstances, which act as a catalyst for personal growth and offer a fresh perspective on life. The uncertainty that comes with a large change – such as moving from one city to another –  and its ability to transform a person is too tempting an opportunity to pass up. The fear, anxiety, and precariousness one endures under such situations have a tremendous impact on a person, while troubling in the short term can be a great advantage in the long run.

For all of these reasons and others, I say goodbye to one grand metropolis and hello to another.


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