Best of the 21st Century

Noah and his beloved "Coke bike"

Noah is a man who enjoys the finer things in life. Movies, music, and the occasional comic book. But mostly movies. Thus, he is something of an expert when it comes to mainstream cinema. He is my go-to-guy for when I need to get a pulse on the culture. Would it be too much to declare him a pop-culture guru? Yes! Still, he is full of clever witticisms and ironic insights.

Noah's favorite colour is blue.

When it comes to the closing of a year (like 2009) every pundit and would-be pundit out there complies a list to round out the previous 365 days. The ubiquitous  “best of” list. This phenomena takes on absurd – sometimes epic proportions – at the end of a decade, century, or millennia (1001-2001 was such a drag). For 2009, Noah was ballsy enough to compile a best of the 21st century (thus far) list.

While I don’t agree with many of his choices (well, any of his choices) I do admire his honest declaration that such a list can only be entirely subjective. Indeed, a “best of” list serves mainly to inform readers of critic’s particular taste and exposure to culture over a given period of time. (The same way I know what kind of movies Roger Ebert likes but not necessarily whether they’re any good. To know if they are any good I have to watch the movies myself.)

Now that's a bicycle!

It’s the best of the first tenth of the 21st century, according to Noah [ and he doesn’t care that you’ve never heard of him.] As if to further emphasize the ridiculousness of compiling a “best of” list he waited until the end of January to post it while the rest of the crowd was scrambling to meet some crumby December deadline. Apart from his refreshing frankness and sincerity, Noah helped me understand why movie-goers were so enamored with Tarantino’s latest.


Photographs by Anita Abbasi


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