Sexy Saints

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day” (2009)

dir. Troy Duffy

Everything you can say about the original applies to the remake sequel. It’s more of the same. It’s rushed, obtuse, non-sensical filmmaking held together by violent set-pieces, slow-motion montage, and numerous power-balads. The dialogue and circumstances are crass, racist, sexist, and uniquely homophobic.  However, there is also a great deal of homoerotic imagery; naked men showering in barns, shirtless wrestling, hit-men clutching at giant handguns, a fat middle-aged man in pink speedos, crime figures slapping each other in the face with giant wads of salami… well, you get the idea. There seems to be more man-worshiping going on in “Saints II” then in the original but I can’t be certain. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it. Duffy seems to be as drawn to the masculine form as he is repulsed by male sexuality. “Saints II” offers little insofar as quality entertainment but plenty for those interested in the paradoxical sexual politics featured in the film.

Writer/Director Troy Duffy

Note: most directors would love to get the kind of cast Duffy got for “Saints II.” That’s undoubtedly the film’s greatest achievement.


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