The Right Stuff

Recently, the CBC did a profile on the Criterion Collection and its innovative business model, which began with Laserdiscs in the 1980s. Personally, I haven’t come across a company that produces better quality DVDs, which includes superior sound, image and  bonus features. Maybe because they are one of the first to pioneer the commentary track; a standard bonus feature on most titles. The industry term for bonus material is VAM or value added material and Criterion’s VAM usually fits the bill. The article also explains how a boutique-like operation focusing on older titles can continue to exist in our rapidly digitizing world: READ THE ARTICLE HERE ON THE CBC WEBSITE.


One thought on “The Right Stuff

  1. Any insight on laserdiscs? I recently bought quite a few beautifully crafted Asian cinema gems and was wondering if there is a guide out there on laserdiscs, collecting, playing, how to play them, and so on? Do you know anyone who may know about this? I cant seem to find anything anywhere! 😦 Thanks.

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