365 days, 139 posts later…

It’s been a year since HAND CRAFTED CINEMA was launched, mostly as an excuse  to voice my thoughts on cinema at no one in particular (It saves me the trouble of boring people at parties). I also needed some online real estate to host my demo – you know, for gigs and stuff.

Well, 12 months and 34 views later, I am pleased to declare: triumph!

Dozens of  you have read my rants, diatribes, musings, and ponderings and two or three of  you have commented on them. Among those who felt it necessary to respond to my postings are Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcomb, Montreal-based filmmaker Sebastien, and Korean sex-god David Z.

In addition, a few have also gazed at my demo and contacted me about working on film projects. If that don’t beat all. So, I guess I’ll keep posting as much as I can. Thank you for reading/glancing/skimming HAND CRAFTED CINEMA!

(For those of you who wandered over here by accident – because of google or some such nonsense – I apologize. I’m sure you’ll find what you were looking for eventually. )


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