TTC Mamet-speak

photo: Martin Baena © 2010

Does life imitate art or art life?  I don’t care. All I know is I heard a guy on the bus the other day and I thought I was in a David Mamet play/film for a moment. The guy was maybe 50 and he spoke in a flat, even voice so that it was hard to tell at first what he was getting at or how he felt. He said this:

MAN ON BUS: What I want is… This is what I want. I want you, I would like you to go and get that scan and have them check for tumors. Get the scan. You know the one. Tell them you want that specific scan. Because you’ve been getting those headaches and those pains for weeks now and you’re showing symptoms of cancer and you’re scaring the shit out of me.

Unfortunately, I reached my stop by the time he had finished giving out his instructions and couldn’t hear the end of the conversation. She probably wasn’t drinking enough water. I kinda wished he had dropped an F-bomb in there somewhere. He probably closed the conversation with, “I’ll see you later. Good-fucking-bye.”


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