Mmmm. Tea!

photo: Cai Li © 2011

It was tea for a small party of ambitious filmmakers a couple weekends ago when they gathered on the 9th floor of an office building in downtown Toronto to shoot a spec ad for Twinings Tea. The ad is the brainchild of up-and-coming copywriters Tom Mednick, James Marchment and art director Cai Li who saw a need to show the advertising world they could pull off a brilliant ad, on a modest budget, that could stand toe-to-toe with any advertisement on television or online.

With little experience on the production end, the trio turned to Sean Harvey, Anita Abbasi, Geoff Smart, Steve Ejbick, Matthew Cerantola, myself and others* to assist in the shooting and post-production of the spot. Actors Andrew Fleming and Steve Isman were asked to come on board to breathe life into the scene. The shoot went marvellously; sipping tea and munching on crumpets from morning to night, getting all the necessary footage for that next crucial stage in which we now find ourselves: post-production.

Needless to say, production was a delight and the project is shaping up to be something special. A big thanks to everyone who participated and lent their support.


*A full cast and crew list will be posted when the project is complete.



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