Tea Party!

It’s done!

The Twinings Spec ad by Tom Mednick, James Marchment, and Cai Li, which I directed is complete and it looks marvelous. Many thanks to those wonderfully talented individuals who participated in its production!

Meet the cast and crew below:


Steve Isman

At the tender young age of 55, Steve Isman decided to fulfill a life long dream by becoming an actor. He has attended numerous workshops, and auditions for roles in all areas. He is a proud father of 2 daughters, who are also pursuing acting careers, and can’t wait for his career to take off.

Andrew Fleming

Andrew graduated with an Honours BA in Theatre at Brock University. Upon moving to Toronto in 2009, he has been found taking classes and working on as many productions as he can juggle. Recent theatre credits include Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical (Ghostlight Projects), Love Thy Saviour (Atlas Stage Canada) and Nana’s Naughty Knickers (Working Reel Productions). Andrew has also acted in several short films, including “Open Window” (dir: Cam Woykin) which premiered at TIFF in 2010.

True Colours Talent


Tom Mednick
Writer/ Producer

Tom’s a natural wordsmith whose adaptability, efficiency of language, and stylish compositions breathe life into any ad. The copywriter’s copywriter. He makes his living in Toronto doing what he loves.

James Marchment
Writer/ Producer

With an eye for detail and bright sense of humour, James makes writing look too easy. He brings his A-game to any project.

Cai Li
Art director/ Producer

Cai brings a dynamic visual flare, with a keen eye for composition, colour, and movement. Consider the dropping tea bag at the end of the spot her version of an exclamation mark. (Cai Li in Wonderland)

Martin Baena

Martin discovered early on that telling tall tales was considered “lying” in some venues, “entertainment” in others, and so turned his attention to cinema where he continues practicing the fine art of storytelling.  (Online Demo Reel)

Sean Harvey
Director of Photography

As efficient as he is talented, Sean transforms any space with the camera’s lens, creating a unique universe to compliment a given narrative. Sean is a Toronto-based cinematographer with experience in live-action and stop-motion animation. Website: seanharveydp.com

Anita Abbasi

Anita Abbasi is a Montreal-born filmmaker working in Toronto that loves cooking, writing and Rambo. Anita recently completed her dramatic short “Charity Ball” and is currently working on a feature-length screenplay. (Anthems on Anthems)

Matthew Cerantola
Sound Editor / Mixer

Matthew is a Gemini and Ophir- nominated sound editor based in Montreal. Aside from crafting sound for film and television, he is involved with music recording and production.

Steve Ejbick
Location Sound

After graduating from the Trebas institute for audio engineering in early 2008 Stephen started working for Rogers Television.  Starting off as a camera operator, Stephen moved on to mixing audio for live call in shows and eventually directing Rogers most popular television shows, broadcast across Ontario.  Working as a director and mixer Stephen understands the important relationship between these two roles as well as other positions involved in a production.

Stephen has also worked on many short films with many different production companies specializing in recording and mixing and is the driving force behind Edge Of Sound.

Stephen currently works at the Toronto based post production studio, Post City Sound.  Hailed as one of the best sounding independent mixing facilities in North America, Stephen is actively working on many independent films, and television shows for both the CBC and HBO Canada.  More info can be found at www.EdgeofSound.ca

Michael Grundy
Boom Operator

Sound-man extraordinaire, there’s no situation Mike can’t mic!

Geoff Smart
Camera Operator

Toronto-based filmmaker and Animator whose tireless efforts and innovation make him one of Toronto’s great collaborators.

Bryan Brooks

I get paid for being a Gaffer, I get off writing and acting. (Fresh Off the Film)

John Mauch

Current intellectual strong man at William F. White’s, John spends his days off working as colourist on fiction and documentary projects.

Kelsi Dewhurst
Craft Services

Kelsi has a double major BA in Film & Video and Communication Studies from York University. She will be attending Sheridan in the fall for the one-year Advanced TV & Film program. Multi-faceted, Her experience in film included work on set and in post-production. She’s recently completed a tour video for the Faculty of Fine Arts at York, which she produced, edited and created the music for. The video is now on the faculty’s first of its kind mobile site www.yorku.ca/fa4u. She is currently working on recording music and editing a new video series highlighting the faculty of the Schulich Business School at York. In the future she seeks to produce and edit feature-length films. http://kelsidewhurst.tumblr.com

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