Simon Plouffe’s golden nugget

Update: “L’or des autres” will be screening at the Planet in Focus film festival, Oct. 15, 2011 at 14h00 at the ROM (link)

Simon Plouffe travelled to Toronto’s Hot Docs flm festival last week, from his home in Montreal, seeking distributors for his feature-length film “L’or des autres” (“The Gold of Others”) about an open-pit gold mine in Malatric, Quebec – the largest in Canada. The film follows a handful of residents forced to vacate their homes in the wake of the mining operation.

The making of the film was a real odyssey for Simon who travelled several times to the small, rural community to visit and interview his subjects and spent over a year editing the final film. “L’or des autres” will play in Quebec, on Radio-Canada and RDI in early 2012, Simon hopes to find other distributors interested in broadcasting his work in the rest of Canada and the world.

While we wait anxiously for the film to premiere on our local TV station, cinema, or film festival we’ll have to make due with the trailer, which you can watch below:

Synopsis: Faced with the implacable Mining Act, which prioritizes the right to exploit subsoil resources rather than the right to property, many families and seniors need to write off certain elements of their heritage plus a part of their lifestyle to make room for the largest open-pit gold mine in Canada. The arrival of the mining company Osisko creates a lot of excitement in Malartic, a small community of 3600 souls in Quebec, Canada. The characters live in their own way the turmoil caused by the establishment of an open-pit mine in that urban area.


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