Movie Trivia of the Week: Sucker Punch

"They walk in slow-motion, holding guns... and there's lots of explosions. I promise you'll get your money back the first weekend" - Z.S

Sucker Punch (2011)

dir. Z. Snyder

Director Zach Snyder had a difficult time convincing studio executives to back his pet project because it was an original work not based on existing material (anything without a built-in audience is considered a big risk).

To remedy this, Snyder wrote a full-length novel, hiding copies in various book stores around L.A. During a working-lunch, Snyder convinced an executive to walk across the street with him to prove Sucker Punch was based on a novel and therefore legitimate subject matter for a film.

The executive read the first three pages of the book and immediately promised to buy the rights to the novel and coordinate a book launch to coincide with the film’s release. Of the half-million copies, only 435 were sold.

Those who have read the book claim it’s Alice in Wonderland with the characters’ names substituted (ie. Mad Hatter = Giant fucking robot).

As of the film’s DVD / Blu-ray release, Snyder has vowed to produce a sequel after the monumental success of Man of Steel (to be released in 2012), which Snyder has described as a dream project that’s going to be “really gritty and dark. It’s a return to my roots, as a filmmaker, imagine 300 but with Superman instead of Leonidas…”


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