Life in the Big City… 29 Southbound

Buddy got on the bus through the back. Immediately the driver asked him to please get off and stand in line with everyone else.

Buddy said, “It’s okay,” walking up to the driver, holding up his bus pass.

“You can’t. Get off.”

“It’s hot outside.” buddy protested.  The thirty or so droopy-eyed people clustered around the door seemed to agree.

The driver gestured towards the exit but buddy just kept walking, waving his pass in the air. “You can’t kick me off, I pay my fare like everyone else.”

The driver shot back, “Then wait in line like everyone else!”

Buddy threw a tantrum, muttered something about hospitality and started for the front door. The driver told him to go out the back. Buddy ignored the driver but he could not shrug off the phalanx of irritable passengers climbing aboard.

“I pay good money,” buddy grunted, walked to the back, and got off.


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