Lunch and a Movie: Overcast Skies and Hot Soup

What did I have: tomato soup

What did I watch: Cold Weather (2010)

What is it about: “An avid Sherlock Homles reader and university drop-out teams up with his sister and a co-worker to uncover a mystery in his hometown of Portland.”

How was it?: tomato-y*

What was I supposed to be doing: not sure, it can wait.

Recommended to: people who like stuff, stuff like Quiet City, perhaps. Those people.

*Viewer’s note:

like the director’s equally tranquil Quiet City, this film takes it’s sweet time building up to the climax, rather unceremoniously. There’s a simplicity and grace to the film otherwise lacking in the mystery thriller genre, which is all gun shots and car-chases. Similarly, the film’s lower-than-usual stakes, lack of action, and minimized plot might turn some viewers off.


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