Adventures of Mr. Whaite

During the Renaissance it was hip to sculpt and paint Biblical scenes – the pop culture of its day. Today we continue to turn to contemporary cultural touchtones for inspiration: the Star Wars saga, Stanley Kubrick, and whatever motion pictures has been adapted from  a comic-book. Even Harry Potter is a Christian allegory.

When you think of it, really think of it, Captain American is not unlike Christ: he has a bitchin’ shield and an innate ability to come back from the dead to fight evil. Well, Mr. Whaite has put his own spin on contemporary icons in his work. Some of it is neon, some minimalist, and most of it is taken straight from the silver screen.

Mr. Whaite’s unique sense of humour and playfulness comes through in his work along with a penchant for mix and matching cultural icons: like Christ slaying Goliath*, Whaite has Woody the toy hanging out with Wilson the beach-ball in what might be a delightful buddy comedy:

Check out his online portfolio here


* I think don’t this ever existed. I’m just trying to make a point!


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