Recycling Plots and Everything Else

What’s old is new again and so I continue digging stuff out of the recent past to make my blog quota for this month – hey, at least I’m honest about it. Some sites put up the same kitty video every six months. Plus, in this case it’s somewhat appropriate since we’re talking about recycling.

See making a movie costs money and while its certainly true Hollywood will throw hundreds of millions of dollars at another remake, most of it is not going to be spent on sets or sound effects. Also, they want to get it done right-fucking-now! After all, the project did spend all that time in development hell, let’s pick up the pace a little.

And so, Hollywood cuts a few corners but chances are you wouldn’t notice unless someone told you where to look, so here’s one person telling you where to look: 5 Things Hollywood Reuses More Than Plots.

(And yes, Star Trek is by far one of the worst offenders when it comes to recycling stuff. They’re also really creative about it. For the most part)



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