Typeface and Dali

Dali's take on The Queen's Croquet Ground from Alice in Wonderland

A double-post today on a couple cool things you might want to check out:

First, io9.com is showcasing art work by Salvador Dali  for Alice in Wonderland commissioned in 1969. As one might assume Dali’s take on the classic tale is trippy and incorporates some of his better known motifs. It’s only fitting that a surrealist artist design the work for Alice, which by the 1960’s was being interpreted as a drug-induced nightmare/dreamscape. Ironically, it has been suggested by mathematician Keith Devlin that Alice was conceived by author Lewis Carrol as a scathing critique of radical new ideas, in the form of modern mathematics, which Carrol – a classical mathematician – vehemently opposed. As so often happens art takes on a life of its own, regardless of its author’s original intentions.

Second, is an article on the opening titles for Gasper Noe’s Enter the Void from Art of the Title. The website interviews designers of some of the more interesting title film sequences in contemporary cinema. Noe’s films are designed to provoke audiences on a visceral level and have been known to divide film-goers and critics alike. The opening sequence to Void is surprisingly effective at putting one on edge – and for some, inducing a seizure. The website explores the genesis and process by which the title sequence was created.


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