Man on a Ledge

by Martin Baena

Characters: Jumper, Police Officer #1, Police Officer #2

Setting: Ledge of a tall building


Jumper clings to the side of the building; Police Officer pops head out a window. 

Officer: (whistles) That’ll do it, eh?

Jumper: Don’t.

Officer: You ever get that feelin’…

Jumper: I said…

Officer: …you know the one…

Jumper: … I said don’t, man!

Officer:  …that feelin’ you could make it, even if  – how far up are we?

Jumper: Y’ hear what I said?

Officer: Fifteen stories… right? About fifteen-or-so stories.

Jumper: Hey. HEY! I said…

Officer: (stepping out) Hey, hey what? Hey yourself.

Jumper: Get back, man. I swear t’ Christ! I fuckin’ swear.

Officer: Don’t let me stop you.

Jumper: I know what you’re doin’ – you stay the fuck back.

Officer: I ain’t gonna reach for you, friend.

Jumper: Y’better not.

Officer: You’re on your own. (pulling out a cigarette) Y’ got a light?

Jumper: A what? No.

Officer: Just my luck…

Officer #2: (sticking head out the window) Don’t do it!

Jumper: Goddamn it, goddman it!

Officer #2: It’s not as bad as you think. We can figure things out. Y’ hear what I’m saying to you…

Jumper: Don’t come any closer or, or I’ll jump…

Officer: (to Jumper) Take it easy, it’s alright. Take it easy.

Officer #2: …I’m saying it’s gonna be fine. Just fine. Talk to me and we’ll get outta this together.

Officer: (to Officer #2) Gimme a light will ya.

Officer #2: Uh… yeah, yeah…. (fumbles lighter) Shit.

Officer: Don’t worry ’bout it (Jumps)

Officer #2: Nooooooooooo….

Jumper: Sweet Jesus… sweet…. Christ! He just… he just…

Officer #2: Damn it.

Jumper: He just… Hey, hey, he just…

Officer #2: What?

Jumper: He jumped.

Officer #2: I don’t got time for this shit. You coming or going? (pause) In or out.

Jumper: In. In. (inches himself to the window)

Officer #2: C’mon then. I don’t got all fuckin’ day. – Dumb sonovabitch.

Jumper climbs in. End

Creative Commons License
This work by Martin Baena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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