God and Other Mythical Creatures…

by Martin Baena

Characters: A, S

Setting: A train station.

Lights up.

A garbled public announcement. A and S mill around on the platform. 

S: …well, that’s nice. That’s nice: good for you.

A: Thank you.

S: You do, I suppose, a lot of travelin’ then…

A: Oh yeah.

S: A great deal of it.

A: Lemme tell ya: I’m beat.

S: So it’s a book then…

A: Yes, that’s the goal. A book.

S: To get a book out of this…

A: Hm.

S: …about atheism.

A: That’s right…

S: But what about atheism…?

A: Oh, right, about finding meaning in atheism.

S: Meaning.

A: Uh-huh

S: Like a… bible.

A: Wallllll….

S: A little like a bible.

A:….not exactleeeee….

S: Then what exactly?

A: I guess a little like a bible. Without god.

S: Sure. Of course.

A: Hm.

S: But he does come up?

A: God? Yes. Yes, in passing.

S: In passing.

A: That’s right.

S: Huh. What’s it called?

A: Well, we don’t have a title for the book yet.

S: Might I make a suggestion.

A: No.

S: Fair enough.

A: Can I ask you a question?

S: Yeah

A: A personal question?

S: Sure

A: Are you an atheist or a theist?

S: Huh. I guess… I guess I’m secular.

A: More agnostic then I guess.

S: I don’t know. I would say secular.

A: Right

S: God doesn’t really concern me.

A: But you believe in him?

S: Well, well, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me.

A: But don’t you think it matters whether he exists or not?

S: To some people it matters a great deal.

A: Yes, exactly.

S: But not to me.

A: So he doesn’t…

S: Or she.

A:Right, right. – He or she just doesn’t matter?

S: I don’t care to debate it. Much the same way, I suppose, I do not debate the existence of any deity.

A: Ah

S: It’s not for us to know.

A: Us?

S: Human beings.

A: We cannot know.

S: It’s impossible. We may never know.

A: In death, perhaps.

S: Even in death.

A: So you’re not worried about it?

S: Not really.

A: About death…

S: Oh, no. Oh: death scares the shit out of me. Death is real; if you’re looking for something to worship, it’s that. Worship death.

A: That’s a little cynical.

S: Everything dies. That’s fact.

A: Hm.

S: Until then…

A: …

S: …

A: Yeah.

The train approaches.

Lights down

Creative Commons License
This work by Martin Baena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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