A short radio play by Martin Baena

Characters: A, B

A: …It’s true.

B: Says who?

A: It is.

B: Who says?

A: Ask anybody.

B: Ask me: I say it isn’t.

A: …anybody else.

B: Because they agree with you?

A: Because it’s true.

B: Hold up, hold up…

A: And they know it.

B: It’s true because you say it’s true? Is that wha–

A: Who would say otherwise?

B: For starters:

A: Yeah?

B: Me. I say.

A: Besides?

B: What?

A: Go out and ask anybody and they’ll tell you.

B: Just because you say it is…

A: Anybody can see it’s so.

B: …no, no: that’s…

A: Just look at it. Look at the facts.

B: Which are?

A: Look: It’s obvious.

B: Obvious!?

A: It’s plain. Anyone can see.

B: Except me.

A: That’s your problem: don’t blame me.

B: But where’s the proof?

A: What proof: anyone will tell you.

B: That’s not…

A: Ask ’em and they’ll tell you.

B: …that’s… if a hundred people said the earth was flat?

A: What are you talking about?

B: If you were to say…

A: We’re not talking about that.

B: I’m saying…

A: Look: look, here is the thing: go and ask anybody. You think they’d disagree?

B: Maybe.

A: No. Anyone will tell you the same thing.

B: You don’t know that.

A: No, they would. Everyone else.

B: Forget everyone else.

A: For the last time…

B: You: Why do you say it’s true?

A: Look at it….

B: Why.

A: …look at it from where I’m standing? You see?

B: That’s your proof?

A: Just look at it….

B: No, I get it.

A: Okay.

B: … “take my word for it” isn’t good enough.

A: Don’t take my word for it. Go talk to people.

B: And if they tell me otherwise?

A: How could they? Hm? They’d be wrong.

B: Don’t you see you’re…

A: What?

B: I’ll tell you what.

A: Can’t it wait?

B: I will…

A: What is it?

B: I will… let me tell you…

A: I have to go.

B: Hold on…

A: It was nice talkin’ to you. I really must…

B: …hold…

A: Thank you, thank you. Good day.


Creative Commons License
This work by Martin Baena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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