Doúreios Híppos

A short play by Martin Baena


Setting: Gates of Ilium

Characters: Trojan soldiers


Lights up on a large wooden horse before the gates.

Enter Trojan soldier, pokes at the horse with spear. Exits.

Enter two Trojan soldiers.

First: Well…?

Second: Hm.

First: It’s big, huh.

The second runs his hand over it, nods.

Second: She’ll fit.

First: Yeah?

Second: She’ll fit.

First: Alright… bring ‘er in, boys.

Enter six Trojan soldiers; they get behind the horse and push.

Third: What?

Fourth: Nothing.

Third: Did you say something?

Fourth: No.

Third: Sir?

First: Push… push…

Third: Sir. It’s a pretty big horse.

First: …put your back into it.

Third: You could hide a few guys in there.

First: And what’s a few guys gonna do?

Third: I’d say twenty-thirty men, easy.

Second: He’s right, y’ know.

Fifth: The smell of balls alone…

Second: Well?

Third: What?

Second: What’s it smell of?

Forth: Yeah. What would twenty pair of balls smell like?

Sixth: A riddle worthy of the sphinx!

The Trojan soldiers laugh.

First: G’head…

Third: (sniffs) I dunno.

First: How bout it, soldier?

Fifth: (sniffs) …drift wood, sir.

Sixth: Mystery solved.

The Trojans laugh some more.

First: Awwwwright: ‘fore it’s dark if you please.

The Trojans push the horse inside the gates.

Lights down


Creative Commons License
This work by Martin Baena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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