A Man of Action

by Martin Baena

Characters: An angry man and his friend

Setting: a street

A: …what’s wrong with people – christ! He could-a killed, he could-a right up and – Diddya see the sonova… like he owns the goddamn’d…like he’s king of the goddamn’d what-have-you road. Like I wasn’t in the way the blind prick: …I ought ‘ta know what? sue that son of a.. right? He ought-a pay… no?
B; …right
A:…every nickle I’ve got coming t’ me….
B: That’s right…
A: Right?
B: Yeah-right
A: Sue him all he’s got…
B: You want my advice…
A: …every last dime!
B: …my expert, non-expert advice:
A: …am-I-right…
B: Settle.
A: Or am-I-right?
B: Settle outta court… cause you won’t see any of it.
A: Right?
B: …even if you win you won’t get it.
A: …right-you’re-godamned-right: clean the son of a…
B: Right?
A: …good-for-nothing…
B: …did ya’ hear what I said?
A: You said it, you said it. I ought walk over kill the sonovabitch… owns the goddamned street! Clean the bastard out. I mean: dead. (Pause) Right!? Or am-I-right?
B:… Yeah. Yeah.
A: Right.


This work by Martin Baena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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