by Martin Baena

Characters: Bea (early 20s), Richard (mid 30s) and Connie (mid 20s)

Setting: Trendy Bar

Bea, Richard and Connie speak over the music, each with a drink in hand. 

Bea: …I was in Phoenix and we had some members drop out, start a new band.

Richard: Rise Again

Bea: Yeah, so I asked around and someone told me about Richard’s band.

Richard: River

Bea: They had a good sound.

Richard: But it wasn’t catching on.

Bea: It was too new.

Connie: Right

Richard: We were a trio.

Bea: Yeah, so I thought we’d get together. Make it a sextette.

Richard: I was into it.

Bea: so then we were The River Phoenix

Connie: And you started dating?

Richard: It was very natural. It felt really natural.

Bea: Yeah.

Connie: But you’re not together anymore?

Richard: The band?

Connie: You two…

Bea: No.

Richard: No.

Bea: I mean… what do I mean?

Richard: Not in a conventional sense.

Bea: The music comes first.

Richard: Right

Connie: What happened to… whatwasit?

Richard: Rise Again?

Bea: They went Christian really fast.

Richard: Really fast.

Bea: Changed their name to Born Again

Richard: They have a good sound though.

Bea: Meh

Richard: They do

Bea: For a Jesus band.

Richard: Yeah. True.

Bea: They’re no Jesus Band, though.

Connie: Jesus Band is killing it right now.

Richard: Yeah. No. They’re really good.

Bea: Stellar.

Richard: I was in Jesus Band for a while I think.

Bea: Yeah?

Richard: I think so.

Connie: They rotate through a lot of members.

Bea: That’s cool.


This work by Martin Baena is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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