Captive Audience

An actual conversation between my roommate and his friend – who sleeps on our couch every weekend – thirty seconds into “12 Years A Slave” 

Roommate: So,… I guess he’s a slave.

Friend: Yeah

R: But he wasn’t in the beginning…

F: This is the beginning…

R: So, like, I guess something happens to him.

F: Right

R: Oh, see. He’s a music teacher. He has servants.

F: Yeah

R: So I guess something happens and he becomes a slave.

F: Yeah

R: How long is it?

F: I don’t know.

R: So, I guess, this won best picture or something…

F: Hmm

R (looking at smartphone): It doesn’t say how long it is. – Oh, what? Brad Pitt produced it.  He’s not just a pretty face then, I guess.

F: Nope.

R: What’s he doing?

F: I don’t know.

R: Is he still free?

F: No, something’s happening.

R: Okay, let’s see where this takes us…

F: You think it’s long?

R: Yeah, probably. Best picture…


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